Getting Started

Getting a puppy is very exciting and there is lots to think about including when to start training and what to train when. We always recommend letting your puppy settle when it gets home and let it get used to their new environment. That first day of new experiences should be enough to wear them out. The second day is a good time to start some basic training and introduce a toilet training routine.




Toilet training can take time to master - its not unusual for pups at 5 months to still have the odd accident but by this age it should certainly not be a regular occurrence. The easiest way to manage toilet training is to ensure your puppy is taken straight outside as soon as they wake up, before and after food, before and after play, before and after training and every hour throughout the day. When the puppy does what it needs to outside, lots of praise and reward with a treat. If the puppy goes to the toilet inside then dont worry, just clean it up and say nothing and ensure you try harder to monitor what your puppy is doing. Remember no matter how frustrating it is - he doesn't know he needs to go outside! Watching the puppy you will get to know signs they may need to go, like stopping what they are doing and sniffing or maybe circling a little. At this point I will pick my puppy up and carry it outside otherwise the accident tends to happen on the way!

Toilet Training


Puppies up to around 12 months old chew. It is your job to ensure your puppy has things that are safe for it to chew on. If you dont provide something they will absolutely find something. Remember if your puppy chews your shoes or your children's toys he isn't being naughty - you left them when he can get to and he is teething. The best way to ensure your puppy is safe when unattended is to give them a confined space to be in. A crate or puppy pen are best. This stops them chewing cables, phone lines, carpets, skirting boards etc!

Types of Training
When to add a cue
Hand Touch

A good first exercise to start to get your puppy used to learning how to learn and the concept of being rewarded for doing something. If you are using a clicker its an easy one for you to get used to learning to use one if you haven't before.

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