Wait - Duration

Once you have mastered a sit or down you can begin to add duration to it to start your 'wait' training.

Start with no distractions - start easy and build it up. I personally dont use a 'wait' cue - sit means sit there until told to do something else, as does down/stand.

Start with the dog in the chosen position and at first you want to build duration NOT distance. We do one then the other. Reward the dog several times in the chosen position, move about from side to side but keep reinforcing the dog. After several rewards give your release cue and throw a treat to one side to re set the behaviour.

Repeat until you can reduce the number of treats but still move around the dog (but within arms length)

Collar Grab

This is a hugely important lesson that is often missed. If your puppy learns that when you grab their collar they will get a great treat they are less likely to shy away from you grabbing their collar when you need to. There is nothing worse than your puppy playing keep away when you really need to catch it!

To begin just lightly hold the puppies collar for a second then give a treat. Gradually increase holding it for 2-3 seconds as they become more confident. Build up to being able to lightly pull on their collar.

The lesson needs to be good things happen when you hold onto it!


The aim is to teach the puppy to leave the thing you have in your hand by choice - not by you taking it away or pushing the puppy away (or yelling leave or anything else crazy!)

Have a pile of treats in your hand, close your fist around them so the puppy cant get them - the puppy will try to get them, wait until he backs away (might take a few mins), when he does open your hand and then give the puppy a treat from your hand. Repeat and each time the puppy backs away, sits or stays away and doesn't try to take one open your hand and give a treat. If the puppy tries to take one just simply close your fist around the treats and wait until he backs away.

The correct behaviour you are looking for it the puppy not trying to steal from your open hand.

I dont add a leave cue yet - I want to proof this behaviour a little more first.

Once you've mastered leaving treats in the hand you can move onto treats on the floor.

Have a pile of treats and cover with your hand. As before, once the puppy stops trying to steal them you can give a treat from the pile. each time he tries to steal one just cover up the pile.

I dont actually do too much of this training with treats on the floor as I do like to throw a treat out on the floor to re set behaviors. You can of course add a permission to take it cue to treats on the floor if you want to (like 'have it') so your dog only takes one off the floor when told. This can be particularly handy for dogs that eat everything they find on the floor!!


The amount of exercise we give our puppies can have an impact in later life. A good general rule for exercise is 5 mins per month of age twice a day. So a 3 month old puppy will get 15 mins walking twice a day. The PDF document explains the importance of monitoring your puppies exercise and activity levels.

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